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Orthopedic Splinting & Joint Injection

This interactive skills workshop is for the clinician who deals with orthopedic injuries or complaints. This workshop will take the clinician from proper technique of splinting fractured bones to treatment of joint pain with joint injections. This hands on skills workshop will discuss the anatomical structures of the upper and lower joint with indications, benefits and risks of cortisone injections outlined. Participants will have hands on supervised experience to demonstrate proper technique and procedures for joint injections. Skills are practiced on anatomical models with  verbal feedback indicating  proper needle insertion. Joint injections covered are shoulder,elbow and knees in addition to digit nerve blocks. Participants will also have hands on practice of common splints. Proper splinting technique are demonstrated and all participants will demonstrate proper selection and splinting of upper and lower extremities.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss and identify anatomical landmarks used for injections of the upper extremity

  • Discuss and identify anatomical landmarks used for injections of the lower extremity

  • Demonstrate proper technique used to administer cortisone injections into the joints

  • Discuss risks associated with cortisone injections

  • Demonstrate proper use of splinting material and techniques for fractures.


This course will cover:

Approach to Joint Injection and Indications of Cortisone Use

Upper Extremity Landmarks

The Upper Extremity Injection Proctored Practice

Lower Extremity Landmarks

Lower Extremity Injection Practice

Selecting Proper Splint Material

Splint Application Practice

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