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This course is for healthcare providers who due to lack of use are inexperienced in EKG interpretation. This workshop provides attendees with knowledge of the physiology of EKG. Participants are taught a systematic approach to the evaluation of an EKG. Attendees are taught to identify normal wave forms, normal intervals, ischemia, infarction and rhythm recognition. Clinical case studies are utilized to build competency . Course is taught by experienced cardiac health care providers.

At the conclusion of the workshop participants will:

  • Identify normal wave patterns from abnormal patterns

  • Differentiate normal rhythm patterns

  • Differentiate ischemic wave forms from infarction with localization of cardiac injury

  • Identify rate, axis and normal cardiac pathway tracings

  • Develop a systematic approach in reading EKGs to minimize misses.

This course will cover:

12 Lead EKG
Calculating Heart rate
A Flutter/A Fibrillation
Ischemia, Injury and Infarction
Special Considerations
Practice Strips/Cases

EKG Interpretation

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